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Founded by a Dutch person and an Italian out of love for Italy and everything Italy has to offer. What Italy has to offer: Love for the beautiful nature, great architecture, kind people, romantic villages and cities, by far the most delicious food and coffee in the world, passion for soccer, beautiful harbours, the people’s style, the best-dressed people in the world, ancient remains, lakes, beaches, the roads.

And we could go on like this for a while.

We love Italy, the people and the breathtaking country. And we love those beautiful houses, nature and the best food in the world.

That’s why we are so keen to promote Italy, and we do that through this website

We have this unique concept


Unique property offerings

– We offer the property on dozens of websites throughout Europe in at least 5 languages. We also place the ad on major international websites


– We don’t charge anything for this; it’s all no cure no pay, we just deduct a fee. This means that you will only get money from us the moment a reservation is made through one of our advertisements. In fact, you pay us nothing


Our Experience

– Experience has shown that sales increase by at least 35%, and your potential customer base increases by millions


– We do not place the property/properties on sites where you already have an advertisement


– The service can always be cancelled immediately.


No double bookings

– We ensure that your calendar is also integrated with ours to avoid double reservations. Our calendar, which we share with you, is integrated with the calendars of all the websites that we advertise on


– We can communicate in the following languages: English, Italian, Dutch, German, French and Spanish.

Discover Italy



Normally we would stop by to see your residence and get to know you. Unfortunately, this is not possible during the coronavirus period.

So, we can schedule a call appointment with or without video. We will then explain the possibilities and ask you some questions. We will then e-mail you the draft contract, which you can read or have it looked at, at your leisure. Only after signing the contract will we offer the residence on other websites.


Please contact us if you have any questions; we are always at your service and happy to help.